What is SmartLabel™?

SmartLabel is a digital tool being used by Unilever and a growing number of food and consumer goods companies in the U.S. to give consumers easy and instantaneous access to product information beyond what is on the product’s label. SmartLabel provides more information to help consumers make better informed decisions about the foods they eat and the products they use. 

What Info Does SmartLabel Provide?

When you visit a product’s SmartLabel page you will find the information from the product’s label, such as ingredients and nutrition facts, but also extra information such as third-party certifications for ingredient standards, product advisories and use instructions, and links to brand information. We have also begun adding extra information about our fragrance ingredients on our home and personal care product pages. 

How Do I Access SmartLabel?

People can access SmartLabel and its information whether they are in the store, at home, or at work, by using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. There are several different ways to access SmartLabel:

  • Scan the UPC barcode with the SmartLabel App
  • Via the product pages on our
  • Use the SmartLabel Product Search on

Download the SmartLabel App today!

The SmartLabel App, developed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and available through the sponsorship of Unilever US, will work today with all of Unilever US’s participating products – totaling more than 1,700 products. Using the SmartLabel App on your smartphone you can scan a product’s UPC barcode to instantly open that product’s SmartLabel page on your mobile device. As more and more companies and brands adopt SmartLabel over the next few years, you will be able to scan numerous products across the retail store.

If you have any questions about our products we encourage you to call the Unilever consumer care team at the phone number on the back of the product packaging and on the products SmartLabel page.

Our Participating Brands

All of Unilever’s food and mass market personal care product brands in the U.S. are live on SmartLabel. Click one of our brand logos below to find the SmartLabel page for your favorite product. 

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